LMpeople External is a self-service portal that allows Lockheed Martin employees to log in to their accounts. This portal has gained popularity across various industries due to its ability to optimize workflows, improve communication, and empower teams.

LMpeople External has transformed the way businesses operate by streamlining project management and enhancing remote work capabilities. 


In addition, LMpeople External provides effective and secure collaboration solutions among suppliers, partners, customers, and colleagues across the corporation.

  1. Go to the official URL link at https://lmpassage.external.lmco.com/.
  2. Enter your SecurID username and passcode.
  3. Type your SecurID username.
  4. Add your password, which is PIN + Number.
  5. Click on the “Sign In” button.

So, the above steps were about LMpassage external LMco.

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Contact Details

DetailsContact Number
Employee Service Center (US)886-562-2383 / 1-800-435-7063
Overseas Employee Contact201-242-4397
Employee Verification / General Inquiries1-800-367-5690
LMSecurity Support407-306-7311
General Inquiries (Alternate)1-800-367-5680


In today’s fast-paced business world, it is more important than ever to find ways to optimize processes and boost productivity. Lmpeople External is a comprehensive suite of tools that can help businesses of all sizes do just that. By empowering teams, enhancing collaboration, and driving efficiency, Lmpeople External can help businesses unlock their true potential and achieve lasting success.


What is LMpeople External?

LMpeople External is a self-service portal that allows Lockheed Martin employees to log in to their accounts

What can I do with LMpeople External?

Employees can access their workday schedule, download W2 forms, apply for paid time off, and perform various other activities online through LMpeople External

Can anyone access LMpeople External?

No, LMpeople External is a login portal only for Lockheed Martin Corporation employees

How do I log in to LMpeople External?

To access LMpeople External, navigate to the official website, www.lmpeople.com. Then, pick the relevant device program and opt for the secret phrase method. Lastly, input your username and password to log in.

Can I access LMpeople External through a smart badge?

Yes, some employees may be able to access LMpeople External through a smart badge

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